Sammy Chien


Age: 29
Ethnicity: East Asian (Taiwanese-Canadian)
Occupation and/or Company: Freelance/Artist (interdisciplinary/video/film/music)
Years of experience: Professionally 6 years and artistically 12 years

Personal & professional philosophy:
It’s my mission in life to channel to the alternative world, be it the virtual, the sublime or the divine, almost like a messenger, back to this real world that we’re living in. Art (more specifically new media or interdisciplinary art) is the vehicle in which I found that is capable of conveying positive messages, creating constructive dialogues, bringing underexposed awareness, bridging meaningful connections and nourishes our soul.

Fundamental value & philosophy
Spread love, not hate | To share, not to own | To float, not to swim | Believing in karma and spirituality.

Bring fundamental awareness/liberate from the homogeneous mass culture
I believe that it’s very important that we liberate our aesthetics from the mainstream, this manipulated, money driven, profit based, male-dominated, racially discriminating, north american-centric perspective.

Collective vision
I also co-founded a collective called Chimerik, which provides an environment that values creative technology and new media practices as important vehicles capable of bridging various art forms.

Upcoming performances/ project:
The world premiere of Made In China, co-created and performed by Wen Wei Dances Artistic Director Wen Wei Wang; Beijing Modern Dance Company Artistic Director Gao Yanjinzi; award-winning classical Chinese musician of Vancouver’s Silk Road Music 丝绸之路音乐团 Qiu Xia He; and audiovisual/new media artist Sammy Chien of Chimerik 似不像 collective.  Plays at Vancouver, BC Firehall Arts Centre, February 18 – 21, 2015

Future goals:
Continue to make bigger and more solid steps, inspire and help others, nourish souls, bring positivity to our society.