Lindsay Maxwell


Age:  35
Occupation and/or Company:  Actress and Health and Wellness Advocate
Years of experience: 29

Personal & professional philosophy:
I believe in taking “time outs” in regard to the hustle and bustle of life. Make time for yourself and do things that make you connect to the world around you; hiking, meditation, walking, etc… I love impacting people with my words and expressing my experiences.

Upcoming performances/ project:
In addition to my acting projects, I also act as an ambassador for brands I really believe in for health and wellness.

What is the highlight of your work?
As a part of my work in health and wellness I am  an ambassador for Jumpin Johnny’s hot sauce, Gojoy Berries, and Frozen Coconut Yogurt. This year, I have completed a niche for the Hallmark channel and I also have a movie playing on the Lifetime network called, “Woman on the Run.” I’m a grateful woman to be able to portray a myriad of characters and emotions to tell their story.