Leland Dieno

Occupation and/or company: Digital Marketing Manager, and Entreprenuer (Founder of No Deadbeat Society)
Years of Experience: 20 Years of Digital Marketing Experience, 3 years as owner of No Deadbeat Society

Personal and Professional Philosophy
Adversity can truly create heroes.

Upcoming project
I recently published a children’s coloring and activity book that is for Single Fathers. The book is titled “I’ll Never Leave” and it provides Single Fathers with an opportunity to talk to their children about emotions, compassion and understanding.
What is the highlight of your work
No Deadbeat Society has over 32,000 fathers following it across multiple social media platforms and websites.

Future Goals
I plan on continuing to grow No Deadbeat Society to a global brand and start a local charity here in Vancouver.
My websites:

The book can be purchased here: www.amazon.com