Jody Broomfield


Heritage: Squamish, Coast Salish.
History: Jody Broomfield was born in North Vancouver, BC and now resides on the traditional village of Xwemelch’stn (Homulchesan) West Vancouver, BC. His family come from the villages of Uslahawn and Stawamus. They carry the Double-headed sea serpent crest.
Occupation: Full-time artist
Years of experience: 14 years (since 1999)

Career highlights: Jody has collaborated on several different projects with the Royal Canadian Mint, Tom Lee Music, BC Lions Society for Children with Disabilities, Four Host First Nations/VANOC. Many of his artistic creations are featured in many public and private collections, locally and internationally.

Artistic Philosophy: Attention to detail has resulted in the production of exquisite masterpieces. His public art commissions have resulted in increased awareness of the Coast Salish art form.

Mediums: Carved wood, etched glass, metal sculpting, clothing, jewelry, painting & prints

Contact: or 604-773-5639