Jocelyn Kim


Age: 22
Ethnicity: Korean – Canadian
Occupation and/or Company: Part-Time freelancer/ full time university student
Years of experience: 4 years

Personal & professional philosophy: My dream as a child was to live adventurously, doing something I love. I have fallen in love with the live stage. I will continue pursuing this passionately until I bump into something that excites me more.

Upcoming performances/ project:
• Technical Direction for “Other Inland Empires” directed by Julie Hammond
• Technical Direction for “Mirror Staging the Seeing Place” directed by Sasha Ivanotchko
• Lighting Designer for one of the Directing Projects at SFU

What is the highlight of your work? My dedication and joy I bring to the team.

Future goals: I hope to be on tours and shows around the globe!

Personal career goal: I have been living spontaneously. I don’t have a dream future career, but I just hope I will be doing something that excites me every day.